Three Passions in One

Tomorrow, Sunday 29th August, I will finally have my very own market stall, and I’m pretty excited. It may be for just the one day, or it may work out as a regular feature, it will all depend on how it goes tomorrow, and whether I can get someone to stand in for me while I’m away in NZ for three weeks.

I’ll be selling my handmade jewellery at the Valley Laneway Markets and I will be in California Lane, between Ann and McLaughlin Streets, just a few hundred yards down the road from Brunswick Streets.  It would be great if you would drop by to say Hi!

All proceeds from sales will go towards production costs for my new show The Fall of June Bloom (or What You Will), which will be presented by Thunder’s Mouth Theatre at the Geoffrey Rush Drama Studio from 9th to 12th November. Now THAT is exciting.  I’m looking forward to getting this stage of the journey completed – the PhD performance as research stage – so that I can get to the next stage, which will be the World Tour!

You can keep up with developments, the auditioning and rehearsal process, and all the trials and tribulations, joys and celebrations of making theatre by following me on Twitter, @thundersmouth.

Handmade by Flloyd also has its own Twitter feed, @handmadebyflloy (there wasn’t room for the ‘d’), and of course, there’s me just rabbiting on at @flloydpk.

Oh, and I’ve changed the theme for this blog, to one that allows us to have a conversation!  My apologies to anyone who has posted a comment for not replying, I just couldn’t figure out how to do it.  This one might not be as pretty, but the picture at the top is one I took of Deception Bay a couple of years ago, from Bribie Island across the Passage.

A crazy idea, but it could work…

I propose a mass demonstration, THIS WEEK, by Australian voters who would like to ensure our politicians actually take notice of how we want to be governed.

They do not appear to have received the message we sent them at the ballot box on Saturday, that we are not happy with either of the two major parties.

In the spirit of the trend for stealing each other’s colours, policies and prejudices, I propose we call ourselves the New Coalition.

I propose a mass demo sometime this week, while they are negotiating their deals behind closed doors with the Independents and the Greens.

I propose that we demonstrate with banners proclaiming our instructions to them to provide us with a government that is inclusively democratic, intelligent, compassionate and rigorously honest and open. After all, we pay their wages, they are responsible to all of US, not just whoever they think voted for them.

I propose that we wear gags over our mouths, in honour of the fact that we, the people, were silenced by the nature of this presidential style campaign.

If you think there is a germ of an idea here, please get in touch, and let’s Take Action to Move Forward Together to a New kind of government, one that actually represents the people of Australia, not just the interests of a few power-hungry politicians.

On change

Lots of change around me at the moment. I’ve managed to move most of my stuff back into storage, and the beautiful Terri has cleaned out the granny flat, ready for Kris to sell it on.  So I’m homeless, but not stuff-less.

The election campaign has been daunting, so depressing and boring to listen to I’ve turned back to ABC Classic FM for some restitution of sane thoughts, alternating with TripleJ for joie de vivre.

I thought I had a market stall, and it may still happen, but not as soon as I’d hoped. With any luck, I’ll get in a couple of days of selling before I go to New Zealand in September.  I’ve made lots of lovely earrings, using black pearls and different sized deep red crystals on sterling silver, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Still have to get round to photographing the new pieces, and putting them up on the website.

What else? Oh yes! I’ve just had my first ever session with a real live proper qualified counselor. Interesting experience. I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m looking forward to the next session, and I have hopes that I won’t have to resort to medication again – or at least, not for a very very long time.

The Thesis is stuck at the moment, but I have to hand in a fair chunk by the end of the month, so I am anticipating a sudden attack of ‘deadline approaching’ feverish activity within the next few days. In fact, I feel it coming on now – catch ya later!