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I'm Flloyd Kennedy, mother of Iain and Roderick, grandmother of Owen and Natalie, daughter of Ina Hofmaster and sister of Wendy Judd. At the moment, I am based in Brisbane, Australia, where I work as a freelance voice and acting coach and occasionally perform with independent film and theatre companies. As well, I am in the process of writing up my PhD at the University of Queensland, my topic being "Theory of the Voice in Performance" This is my personal blog, designed to share news and images with my friends and family only. Now, please tell me something about yourself? What is new with you, and your nearest and dearest? When are you coming to Brisbane/Australia to visit us?

Look Back to Move Ahead

I know you shouldn’t laugh at your own jokes, but this – my first ever Philosophy Essay, submitted on 27th April, 1999 – still cracks me up.  The assignment was to respond to The Lier’s Paradox by arguing for one … Continue reading

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Post Fringe Ponderings

The final performance (for now) of The Fall of June Bloom (or What You Will) took place at 7 pm on Sunday night, 3rd April, at the Phoenix Fringe Festival. The house was just over half full, but it seemed … Continue reading

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On the Road

I arrived in Phoenix a week ago. The first few days were passed, as I suspected they would be, in a haze of exhausted relief.  My kind hosts took me with them to share in a family reunion on the … Continue reading

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Christchurch gets personal

Those earthquake images were horrifying, the voices of the people affected so familiar, and yet it is still quite shocking to hear that people I know are among those affected. Last September, I was part of the Shakespeare’s Globe Centre … Continue reading

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I’m into my third day of reinstalling, downloading and uploading three of my websites, with all the attendant frustration that involves.  Fortunately, this one seems to be working again, after many messages and advice flowing from my service provider. The … Continue reading

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Massive Attack of Playfulness

When was the last time you played, like a child, a real game of pretend?  I have fond memories of playing in the back yard of the block of flats in Townsville we lived in when I was 7, my … Continue reading

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Biding my time

Sitting in my old (as in ex) apartment, now empty – I moved out last August, and went back to house-sitting – waiting for a student who is now 37 minutes late. I guess I’m not actually waiting any longer, … Continue reading

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of flood and fire

The dreadful floods that have inundated large swathes of eastern Australia lately, including much of my present hometown of Brisbane, have not troubled or inconvenienced me personally at a physical level. I am staying in one of the outer suburbs, … Continue reading

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Old habits, new thoughts

Idolising attractive performers didn’t begin with Bieber, or the Beatles or even Frank Sinatra, it was alive and well when Franz Liszt was touring Europe in the mid-nineteenth century. He kept a jar with trimmings of his hair to hand … Continue reading

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Old Year Resolutions

This morning, I decided that the rest of my life starts now (as if it hadn’t already) but what I really meant was that I would walk the dog straight away, and not put it off until tomorrow. The dog … Continue reading

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