it’s writing, Jim, but not as we intended…

Ok, so I still haven’t started working on the thesis, but I have fed the chooks, collected the eggs, picked some herbs and enjoyed fresh omelet and coffee for breakfast. I’ve finished unpacking the car, and checked and responded to emails, new twitter followers and deleted the spammers. Not bad, eh?

In the meantime, here’s a poem I wrote during the welcome drinkies at the opening night of King Lear (Bell Shakespeare Co), which took place on the rooftop top terrace at QPAC, overlooking the river and the city skyline.

Oh man –
You wanted the stars
Not in your eyes,
Not in the skies,
But down on the ground
Surrounding you.

And so you built
your towers
And you showered
light around
As bright as dust motes
in the sun;
While the stars in the sky
Faded and sank
from sight.

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I'm Flloyd Kennedy, mother of Iain and Roderick, grandmother of Owen and Natalie, daughter of Ina Hofmaster and sister of Wendy Judd. At the moment, I am based in Brisbane, Australia, where I work as a freelance voice and acting coach and occasionally perform with independent film and theatre companies. As well, I am in the process of writing up my PhD at the University of Queensland, my topic being "Theory of the Voice in Performance" This is my personal blog, designed to share news and images with my friends and family only. Now, please tell me something about yourself? What is new with you, and your nearest and dearest? When are you coming to Brisbane/Australia to visit us?
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3 Responses to it’s writing, Jim, but not as we intended…

  1. admin says:

    Thanks so much! I apologise for the delay in responding, I just didn’t notice that the spam protection device was holding your comments. I’ll certainly endeavour to be more active from now on…

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